• Botulinum toxin eliminates armpit odor and wrinkles botox
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    Botox is widely used in medical cosmetologyBotox is a neurotoxin that causes muscle relaxation and paralysis by blocking the transmission of nerve impulses at the neuromuscular junction.   In the field of medical cosmetology, botox is mainly used in the following aspects:1.  Wrinkle removal : Can be used to treat forehead lines, Sichuan lines, crow's feet, neck lines and other dynamic wrinkles.2.   Muscle reduction : such as thin face, thin legs, through the injection to atrophy specific parts of the muscle, to achieve cosmetic effects.3.  gingival laughter:

  • Wrinkle Reduction 100iu Anti Wrinkle Botox For Face And Body OEM/ODM customized
    $  19 $  16.5

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